Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jim Caldwell

Yesterday the Ravens announced they had hired former Colts Head Coach Jim Caldwell as their new Quarterback Coach.  I like the move.  This puts a buffer between QB Joe Flacco and Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron.  I'm not thrilled that the Ravens retained Cameron but bringing in Caldwell adds another strong voice to the Ravens offense.  Caldwell is famous for helping mold Peyton Manning into a Hall of Famer.  Caldwell will make Flacco a better Quarterback.

The most ridiculous thing to come out of this hire is suggestions that Peyton Manning will be coming to Baltimore.  The Ravens are not going to "acquire" Manning.  First of all his future as a productive player in the NFL is in doubt.  He hasn't been cleared to play after surgery on his neck and IF he plays he would get 28 million dollars for the 2012 season.  The Ravens have plenty of other needs and one of them is not Quarterback.  Joe Flacco is a very good signal caller and will be resigned by the Ravens before his contract expires.  The team is not going to invest $28 million in one player with a questionable future.  

Calm down Flacco haters.  He isn't heading out of town any time soon.  

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