Tuesday, October 18, 2011

World Series

Says here that I'm supposed to make picks for this year's World Series.  Since I picked neither the Cards or the Rangers to win their divisional series I guess I have a bit of egg on my face.  None the less the 2 will meet starting Wednesday night in St Louis.

My gut says go with the hot team...but they are both hot.  The Rangers have just scorched the ball since the start of the postseason averaging almost 5 runs a game.  Nelson Cruz has been playing out of his mind with 6 bombs in the post-season and the Texas pitching has been pretty good.  The Cards have been equally productive at the plate averaging over 5 runs a game. 

This series may come down to pitching...not starting pitching...but the bullpens.  I like how the Rangers pen has picked up their starters in the post-season.  Coin flip over and it goes to the Rangers in 6.

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