Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Urban Meyer

Lots of stories swirling around Urban Meyer becoming the next head football coach at Penn State.  Not sure what to make of all this.  It is certainly apparent that Joe Paterno is on his last legs as Coach in Happy Valley.  He is 84 years old and looking frail of late.  He almost got run over again on the sideline on Saturday against Iowa.  Paterno has spent most of the season "coaching" from the press box.  The handwriting is on the wall.  Most of the speculation came from an internet story that the former Florida coach has talked with University officials about replacing Joe Pa.  As chance would have it Meyer was in State College this past Saturday to broadcast the Penn State-Iowa game.  Of course both sides denied that any talks had taken place.  For the sake of Penn State I hope the 2 sides have talked.  Meyer would be the perfect choice to replace Paterno. He wouldn't have to live up to Paterno's record because he established himself as a top tier coach by winning and competing for National Titles at Florida.  Meyer would breathe life into a program that has been suffering for the past decade or so.  Penn State is no longer getting the top recruits...the difference makers.  Bring in Meyer and all that changes.  You will see Penn State fighting for Championships again very soon after his arrival.  Does anyone think that Penn State is going to be a national power again under Paterno? 

I think the marriage would be a perfect one.  Meyer walked away from Florida due to all the stress of being the Gators coach.  Being Penn State's coach doesn't have nearly the same level of pressure.  State College is a nice sleepy little town far removed from the big media centers of the state. A perfect place to decompress after a long season. 

Now the reality check...is Joe going to let it happen.  I think it will be tough but he is starting to come to the realization that his time is short.  Meyer and Paterno are friends and I think Joe Pa would find it fairly easy to turn the reins over to Meyer.  You have to believe that Meyer will also keep Joe in the loop and might even trot him out to see some of the prized recruits. 

This is a marriage made in heaven.  The alums will love it and the program will be revitalized. Meyer will make a fortune and I don't think he will be giving Tim Curley a discount but the University will make the $$$'s back in spades.  Go for it!!!!!

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