Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Buckeyes football

Jim Tressel got off easy. The Ohio State football coach was suspended for a couple of games and fined a quarter of a million dollars by the university for not revealing he knew about NCAA violations by players--including his prized QB Terrel Pryor--8 months before the University found out. In December the Buckeyes coach said he'd just found out the players had traded memorabilia for tattoos. In fact Tressel had received an email about the violations shortly after the players got the body ink in April!

The suspension and fine have been imposed by the University which self reported the Tressel violations. The NCAA continues to look into the matter and could lengthen the suspension and increase the fine. Lets look at the NCAA's track record of late. The college sports governing body ordered Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl be suspended for 8 SEC games this season for lying about possible NCAA violations. That's a quarter of the Vols schedule. In 2009 the NCAA made Oklahoma State wideout Dez Bryant sit out the entire season for lying about a dinner with Deion Sanders. These are 2 examples of the NCAA coming down hard on those who lie to them. Jim Tressel lied plain and simple and he shouldn't be allowed to have any contact with the program for more than just 2 weeks. Check out the 2011 Ohio State schedule you will see that Tressel will miss the Akron and Toledo games. See what I mean about getting off easy.

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