Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Tip of the cap to the Phillies for not giving up on signing free agent Pitcher Cliff Lee. GM Ruben Amaro, Jr stayed in contact with Lee and his agent knowing that the Lefty had been offered contracts for more years and money by both the Yankees and the Rangers.

The addition of Lee gives the Phils the best rotation in baseball and one that could make history. The team now has 6 20 game winners and 3 Cy Youngs. The good news is all 4 of these pitchers have performed well in the post-season. I suspect that Charlie Manuel will go Right-Left-Right-Left with his rotation. Halladay-Lee-Oswalt-Hamels. Not bad having a World Series MVP as your #4 starter.

Does this move insure that the Phillies win the World Series...NO. I think the Phillies still need to fill the hole they have with the loss of Jayson Werth. He gave them fantastic defense in right and also was a force in the batting order. Should the Phils have paid the big bucks that Werth got from the Nats? Again the answer is no. I think Philly will see how Dom Brown does in the first few months as Werth's replacement. If he stumbles Philly might be in the market for a bat for the 2nd half of the season. It wasn't pitching in the post-season that was the Phils problem it was and anemic offense.


Chargers over the 9ers on Thursday Night
Saints beat the Ravens (Sunday 12:30 on WSBA)
Giants dump the Eagles (Sunday 12n on 96.1 WSOX)
Cowboys rip Redskins
Jags beat the Colts
Pats dump the Pack on Sunday Night
Bears over the Vikes on Monday Night

Last Week-5-0 Overall 48-23 68%

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