Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cliff Lee

I've been hearing lots of Phillies fans bemoan not keeping Cliff Lee at the end of last season. The Rangers lefty has been great in the post-season but I don't think they would have gone after Roy Oswalt if they had Lee on the staff this year. Say what you want Oswalt was the fuel in the regular season that helped get the Phillies to the post-season. His pitching in August and September was great and let me remind you about what he did in the NLDS series against the Reds and then the performance on Sunday night after Halladay lost.

I think the Phillies would never have pursued Halladay if they didn't trade away Lee. Let's see what finally happens but stop crying about not having Lee...things have worked out just fine.


Penn State beats Minnesota (Sat 10:30a on WSBA)
Ravens keep Bills winless (Sun 12:30 on WSBA)
Tennessee bursts Eagles bubble (12n on 96.1 WSOX)
Steelers rip Miami
Washington over Chicago
San Diego beats New England
Giants over Cowboys

Last week 4-1
Overall 16-13

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