Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tee time

Now that Tiger Woods has faced the music--I mean the media--will the golf world return to normal. I don't think so. Tiger is teeing it up today for the first time since his marital infidelity come to a crashing end in November. The world's top golfer is playing at the Masters this week and will return to playing a fairly regular PGA Tour schedule.

For probably the remainder of his career Tiger will be overshadowed by his multiple trysts. I do believe people will forgive him for his transgressions but they won't forget them. He is still an incredible draw for the golf world--even more so now. I think people will flock to watch the Masters and attend other events Tiger is playing in primarily because of the controversy. His private life could be a bit of a train wreck and like most people we crane our neck to see what has happened. If Tiger is able to win this week, with all the distractions, a lot of people will be watching the action.

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