Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Big 10 Expansion

Penn State and Big 10 fans better get used to a bigger conference. The Presidents of the Universities are pushing for a growth of the conference to 14 and possibly 16 schools. It looks like the targets for expansion are Missouri, Notre Dame, Syracuse, Rutgers and Pitt. Lets assume all 5 join. Here is my take on how the conference would break teams up East-West.

East--Syracuse, Penn State, Rutgers, Pitt, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Indiana
West--Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Northwestern, Purdue and Notre Dame.

The biggest benefit to the Big 10 is a football conference championship game to be played the week after Thanksgiving. The conference championship games have become huge money makers for the conferences. The winner would get the Big 10 BCS bid.

The addition of the 5 schools would also add content for the Big 10 network and would add revenue for the schools. Look for this to happen before the end of June. I'm guessing play would start in 2012.

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