Monday, January 11, 2010

Ravens smash Pats

OK didn't see that one coming! The Ravens humbled the Patriots Sunday handing Tom Brady his first home playoff loss. The game was truly over in the first 15 minutes as the Ravens went out to a 24-0 lead kicked off by a spectacular run by Ray Rice on the first play from scrimmage. Not sure what got into this team after playing some sloppy games to end the season but the Purplebirds seemed very focused. For the 2nd straight season they will take on the top AFC seed in the 2nd round of the playoffs when they head to Indy on Saturday evening (7:45 on WSBA). Last year the Ravens shocked the Titans...I think they can do it again against the Colts. Still won't pick against the MVP but I like the Ravens chances mainly because the Ravens appear to have fire in their gut and love being the underdog. We will see.

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