Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Getting the Ax

Yesterday the Browns fired GM George Kokinis with style. The classless Lerner's had security guards lead the former Ravens top player personnel man out of the team facility. Now normally I wouldn't worry about the firing of the Browns GM but I know George and know how well he was respected in the Ravens organization and by others around the NFL. George was an integeral part of the development of the Ravens over the last few years. He helped the Ravens in evaluating such players as QB Joe Flacco, Running Back Ray Rice, Offensive lineman Jared Gaither, Defensive Lineman Haloti Ngata and last year's #1 pick Michael Oher. Not a bad resume. It got him a job as the GM of the Browns.

The problem is the Browns are almost as dysfunctional as the Raiders and George was just stepping into a field of manure when he took the job. The Lerner family--which was hailed when they helped return the NFL to Cleveland a decade ago--is clueless. They hired Eric Mangini as their head coach despite the fact that he did a horrible job with the Jets and several other top candidates were available. No surprise the Browns are 1-7.

I'm sure George will find another job in the NFL--maybe even with the Ravens--very soon. I talked with him just 3 weeks into the season and he told me the job was "interesting". Not a guy who sounded like he was enjoying his job.

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