Thursday, July 23, 2009


A deadline has been set for the Blue Jays to reach a deal to ship prized pitcher Roy Halladay to a pennant contender. Teams have until July 28th to make the Jays the best offer for the former Cy Young award winner.

The Phillies are one of a number of teams interested in Halladay. The problem is the Jays want a kings ransom for Doc. The stumbling block for the Phillies, to make a dea,l is parting with prospect Kyle Drabek. The righty is the top pitching prospect in the Phils system and it appears the club is unwilling to part with Drabek.

I know that teams are loath to part with good young pitchers but getting Halladay could mean a ticket back to the World Series for the Phils. Acquiring Halladay is not for the regular season. The Phillies appear to be the class of the N-L East so any move is one for October! Giving up the future for a chance to win a 2nd straight World Series is worth it. Halladay puts the Phillies at the top of the heap in the National League and maybe all of baseball. I think with the development of J-A Happ the Phils have their starter of the future. Cole Hamels is still young and may actually have his best years ahead of him. Give up Drabek and bring in Halladay...a no brainer in my book!

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