Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Favre & Vick

So Brett Favre is going to stay retired. Thanks for 3 months worth of suspense #4. Favre's actions show how selfish a player he really is. It was all about him. He never really made it about the team. The big question in my mind is how much he would have helped the Vikes. Remember this is a quarterback who looked like he was 39 years old at the end of last season with the Jets. Frankly if the Jets still had Chad Pennington on the roster he would have replaced Favre. Remember in Miami last season Pennington led the Fish to the playoffs. The amazing part of all this is Favre has left the door open to returning. He really felt as though he wouldn't be able to physically handle the wear and tear on his surgically repaired shoulder now. The important word in that statement is NOW. I think if a team in the playoff hunt, during the 2nd half of the season, is looking for a QB Favre will get a call and he will answer the phone.

Glad to see that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is giving Michael Vick a 2nd chance. Vick paid dearly for running a dog fighting operation and deserves another chance with a very short leash. Goodell also was smart in putting Vick in touch with former Colts Coach Tony Dungy for a little bit of counselling. The interesting part will be which team will suffer the slings and arrows to bring the disgraced former Falcons Q-B into their training camp.

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