Thursday, June 18, 2009

More Uni stuff

The NFL is taking a tiny step towards allowing advertising on uniforms. The league has approved of teams selling the rights to practice uniforms. This is sort of an odd thing in my personal opinion. For the most part the public has no access to NFL team practices. Often times the media is allowed to attend the final few minutes of a practice but no video or pictures are allowed. Now what I suspect is this is aimed at Training Camps when the media rules are very relaxed. It will be interesting to see what companies pony up big bucks to provide sponsorship of uniforms.

In case you might not have noticed the NFL actually allows for advertising on their uniforms. Reebok is the official provider of uniforms and has logos on team uniforms. Players are allowed to wear the shoes of their choice so Nike, Adidas and Under Armour get some recognition for their footwear in that way.

I suspect, as with the WNBA, the NFL will be allow some advertising on uniforms but don't look for the kind of thing you see in soccer. This will probably be patches on sleeves and maybe on pants but not much more than that.

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