Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Opening Day

Just a few thoughts from opening day at Camden Yards as the Orioles ripped the Yanks 10-5.

The biggest "cheer" of the day was for Severna Park native Mark Teixeira. He spurned the Orioles to sign with the Yankees for mega-bucks. I'm not sure the Orioles ever had a realistic chance of signing the hometown boy but it sounded like most O's fans felt jilted and let their lungs do the talking. Everything Tex did was greeted with a shower of boos. FYI Teixeira went 0-4 and was not a factor in the game.

I wonder at what point the Yankees are going to demand that C-C Sabathia take part in some workouts. The lefty makes David Wells look svelte! The Yankees media guide lists Sabathia at 290 but that is off by maybe 20 pounds. In the off-season Sabathia certainly could try out for the Jets offensive line. I'm sure Rex Ryan will love him.

The Orioles announced the attendance for Monday's home opener as 48, 607. That is the largest in team history but if you looked along the 3rd base upper deck and into the left field upper deck I saw a lot of empty seats. I guess the tickets were sold but people decided not to come to the game. We did have a very heavy rain shower about half an hour before the first pitch. Sun actually came out during the middle innings.

Good to see VP Joe Biden actually mingle with the crowd during the middle innings. He signed autographs and seemed to really enjoy the game.

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