Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Joe Pa Returns

Did anyone think that Joe Paterno wasn't coming back. After he walked out of the hospital in State College a few weeks ago, after having hip replacement surgery, you knew that the soon to be 82 year old was coming back. His 3 year contract extension is sort of open ended and really could be lengthened or shortened if need be. Paterno has done a great job of delegating the last couple of seasons with guys like Tom Bradley , Jay Paterno and Galen Hall really taking over some of the day to day of the team. You probably noticed the team really didn't miss a beat when Joe was up in the Press Box for the 2nd half of the season with the ailing hip. Many have complained Paterno couldn't promise recruits he'd be in charge for all the 4 years of their stay as a Nittany Lion but then what coach can tell a player they are going to be their coach for all 4 years. To many coaches get fired or change jobs these days for that kind of a promise to hold up. Don't be surprised if Joe wins his 400th game as head coach in Happy Valley sometime in the 2010 season.


Ravens keep playoff hopes alive with a win in Dallas (Sat 7:45 on WSBA)
Steelers over the wounded Titans
Eagles keep playoff hopes alive with win in DC

Last week 2-3 Overall 50-30

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