Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Looks like the Yankees are going to fork over $160 million to C.C. Sabathia to sling in the Bronx for the next 7 years. The irony is just yesterday the Yanks and the Mets went to the city of New York and said they needed an estimated 450 million dollars to complete funding for construction of the new stadiums they are moving into in April. I'm surprised they didn't ask the Federal Government for some of the TARP bailout money! NYC has already forked over 1 and half billion dollars for the construction of the new stadiums. Maybe the Yanks and Mets should be a little penny wise and not spend 37 million on closer Francisco Rodriguez and 160 on C.C. Sabathia and invest in some infrastructure. Don't they know we are in a recession and that some of the fans they are counting on to foot the bill for the high profile free agents and deluxe stadiums may not be willing to fork over the extra coin it takes to watch a game. Maybe the Steinbrenners and the Wilpons can reach into their own pockets and pay some of the freight!

Looking forward to Sunday's Ravens-Steelers game in Baltimore. Remember the Steelers barely beat the Ravens in week 3 of the season in Pittsburgh. It was the first road game--and second career start--for Ravens Rookie Q-B Joe Flacco and the offensive line was still a patchwork. Since that Monday night in September Flacco has grown by leaps and bounds. In the end the game will come down to which defense makes a big play. Both are capable. If the Ravens win they would move into a tie for first with the Steelers in the AFC North and all put clinch at least a wild card berth.


Steelers clinch the AFC North with a bruising win over Ravens (Sun 3:45 on WSBA)
Skins keep playoff hopes alive against hapless Bengals
Giants knock the Cowboys out of any playoff contention
Saints keep playoff hopes alive against the Bears
Eagles make it 3 straight as they club the Browns

Last Week 4-1 Overall 48-27

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