Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Random thoughts

Not sure which is longer the rain delay in game 5 of the World Series or Presidential campaign! I've had a problem with the length of the MLB season for years. It is ridiculous to be playing World Series games in late October! Thank goodness the Cubs and Red Sox didn't make the Series. I think it snowed in Boston yesterday! I have some suggestions on how to end this nonsense. Eliminate 10 days from the MLB season. Easy to do. Cut out 7 off days during the regular season. The All Star break is too long. This year some teams played 2 days after the All Star game. Sorry break ends on Wednesday the day after the All Star game. All the players can make it back to their home teams without much trouble! Also how crazy is it that the Rays finished the ALCS in 7 games and yet they still had to wait 3 days to play Game 1 of the World Series. Game 1 of the World Series starts 1 day after the end of the League Championship series. Oh and no play in games like this year. The Twins won the season series with the White Sox this past season...they have the tie breaker. Start the post-season the Tuesday after the end of the regular season. That gives us about 2 weeks and that means we are playing the Divisional and League series in late September into the first week of October and the World Series in the 2nd week of October. Remember the weather that week...High's in the 70's. Not like tonight when the wind chills will be below freezing! Are you listening Bud.


Browns over the Ravens (Sun 12:30 on WSBA)
Eagles crush the Seahawks
Steelers beat the Redskins
New England drops Colts to 3-5
#7 Texas Tech upsets #1 Texas

Last week 5-1 Overall 27-18

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