Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monday Nighter

Great Monday Night clash between the Ravens and the Steelers with Pittsburgh knocking off Baltimore 23-20 in overtime on Jeff Reed's 46 yard field goal. Both Q-B's had their moments and you've got to believe these 2 may have lots of shoot-outs over the next few years.

So much for Joe Flacco being a scared rookie against the Steelers in Pittsburgh. Yes he did have a key fumble that was returned for a touchdown but otherwise he showed poise in the pocket. Kind of reminded me of a young Ben Roethlisberger in his Super Bowl season.

With the Ravens defense--which held the Steelers to 237 total yards--and a maturing Flacco the Ravens could make some noise in the NFL. Are they a playoff team...I'm not sure but potential playoff teams better beware. The Ravens will not be the pushover a lot of experts thought! Another big game for the Ravens this weekend as they face the unbeaten Titans (airtime is 12:30 Sunday on WSBA).

The Phillies get a little bit of a break in game 1 of the Divisional Series with the Brewers. The Phils did not have to use their ace Cole Hamels on Sunday to wrap up the NL East. By wrapping things up Saturday Hamels will be able to start in tomorrow's Game 1 of the NL Divisional series against the Brewers. Milwaukee wasn't as lucky they needed to use C.C. Sabathia on Saturday in their effort to win the Wild Card. Sabathia will pitch in Game 2 of the Series against the Phillies Brett Myers. Advantage Phillies!

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