Thursday, September 25, 2008

End of the Road

The York Revolution season ended last night as they get swept in the Atlantic League Divisional Series by Somerset. Anyone who wondered if minor league baseball would be a hit in York should now be convinced...discussion over. The team was 4th in the league in overall attendence averaging about 42 hundred people per game. This despite having a smaller capacity then Lancaster, Somerset and Long Island. Congrats to Chris Hoiles and his team...they entertained us all season long! If you didn't get in on the'll have to wait 7 months for the start of the 3rd Revolution season in April!


#12 Penn State beats Illinois (Sat 6:30pm on WSBA)
Steelers hand Ravens first loss (Mon 8pm on WSBA)
Cowboys beat the Redskins
Eagles over Bears
Green Bay beats Tampa

Last Week 5-1 Overall 12-5


BlogHog said...

Steelers beat the Ravens? Now that the Eagles have shown teams how to beat the Steelers (stack the box, shut down the run, and put people in Ben's face), its going to be a much longer season for the black & yellow. Unless they unearth some new linemen this isn't changing against a tough Ravens' D.

BlogHog said...

Why don't you review the Rev's season and give some updates on players who were with the team and moved on to other opportunities?

Anonymous said...

The Eagles really relied on their speed to beat Pittsburgh...and they're probably the fastest D in the league, so I don't see other teams being able to produce that kind of pressure on Big Ben.

And Baltimore does not have anything even close to an offense of the Eagles' caliber, so do you expect them to put up any more than 3-6 points? Maybe if they run the's going to be low scoring, probably 13-6.