Tuesday, August 26, 2008

He returns

Just back from vacation. Mixed bag on that front. 1st half was beautiful but 2nd half was marred by rains from T.S. Fay.

Now some thoughts on the Sports of the past week and a half. The Olympics overwhelmed everything. Think back did you watch or worry about the results of any sport but the top ones of the day during the Beijing games. Lots of great stories came out of the Olympics. Obviously Michael Phelps' run of 8 gold medals was the top story. There were several other compelling stories the run of the Men's & Women's Basketball teams, the performance of the Men's & Women's Indoor and Beach volleyball teams and the Decathlon going to American Bryan Clay.

Now its time to buckle up for the start of the College and NFL season as well as what could be a very interesting pennant race. I think the Cubs and the Angels are the only teams that are guarantees for the post-season. Otherwise the rest of the division and wild card races are up for grabs. I think that both the Yankees and the Red Sox could be on the outside looking in. I think the Wild Cards will come out of the Central in both the NL and AL. I like the Twins and Brewers to be going to to the postseas0n. If the Phillies can get their sticks working I think they will pass the Mets and win the N-L East but it might not be decided until the final week of the season. Still think we are heading for a Angels-Cubs World Series but that is about 7 weeks away and a lot can happen in that time.

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