Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Under & Overrated

Since we are in the duldrums of the sports seasons...midway thru the baseball season and with training camps just opening I wanted to share some overated and underated things in my own personal view.


  1. NFL training camps...sorry but I can't get excited about watching matter how spirited it is.
  2. Fishing is frankly a book at least you will stimulate your brain
  3. Army-Navy football game. I know that pomp and patriotism is great but frankly these 2 schools should be in 1AA
  4. BCS games other than Championship game. We need a National Playoff game.
  5. NFL Draft. Who wants to sit around for 8 hours to find out who the Ravens are taking in the 2nd round. Sorry wake for the start of the regular season.
  6. NBA Draft...worse than the NFL draft by a mile.
  7. Olympics. I'm just not that excited. I'm sure the Michael Phelps story will be interesting but that is because the games fall in August before the fireworks of the baseball pennant races and the start of the NFL & College football seasons.
  8. Sports Talk Radio with callers. For the most part most of the callers are yahoo's with no life. I would much rather hear an informed reporter or an actual athlete than Joe from Minnesota
  9. Fantasy sports. I like the real thing.
  10. Soccer. Played it as a kid but I find it VERY boring to watch.

  1. The golf Majors. I find them the most suspenseful individual sport out there...even with our Tiger
  2. Playing a round of golf with a Caddy. They know all the greens and where not to hit the ball..problem is I often hit it where they tell me not to!
  3. Volleyball. (disclaimer my son plays) Until he took up the game several years ago didn't have much I can't get enough of it. Fast paced and very athletic.
  4. ESPN host Colin Cowherd. Give him a is an acquired taste but he is among the most skille radio hosts I've ever heard and that includes Rush.
  5. Rick Reilly. One of the most skilled sports writers around. His work is worth the will laugh, cry and think when you read Reilly
  6. Peter the rare air of NFL beat guys with Peter Pasquerelli, John Clayton and Chris Mortensen.
  7. Jamie Moyer. The Phils 45 year old lefty throws as hard as he did 15 years ago and still gets guys out. I love to watch him "pitch". If Brett Myers has half of Moyer's savvy he would be a 20 game winner.
  8. Rescue Me. Dennis Leary is a genius. The show is raunchy at times but is a must watch for me.

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Anonymous said...

I think you meant Len Pasquarelli.