Friday, September 2, 2011

College Game

Penn State opens their 2011 season with the usual cupcake. The Lions host Indiana State Saturday (airtime 10:30 on WSBA). This scrimmage won't help Joe Pa's boys get ready for the visit from #1 Alabama next Saturday but better to start with the cupcake before they get pancaked by the Tide.

I think at the end of the day the Lions are an 8-4 team, at best, with little chance to compete with the 4 elite teams on their schedule. Alabama, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Iowa are going to give the Nits fits. Right now the team really lacks any offensive threats and the defense is unproven. Will Penn State go to a bowl game...of course they will but will they be fighting for a Big 10 Championship in Indianapolis on December 3rd...not very likely.

Week 1 Picks

Penn State over Indiana State (Sat 10-30 on WSBA)
#4 Oregon over #3 LSU
USF over #16 Notre Dame
#5 Boise State over #19 Georgia
Maryland beats Miami

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