Monday, June 6, 2011

Pay to Play

In the wake of the tattoo scandal at Ohio State a number of college football coaches have started to call for players to receive stipends to give them a little walking around money. In my opinion this is a REALLY bad idea. Do they really think that players, who trade a few trinkets at the local tattoo parlor, are going to be satisfied with a few hundred bucks a month for playing football?

South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier has suggested $300/game for those players on the football squad. He says the money would come out of his pocket and would amount to about $300 thousand dollars a year. OK but I suspect a stipend arms race would begin. South Carolina gives their players $300...Alabama says that is chicken feed we are going to give players $500. See where this is going. Plus why just the football players. Doesn't every college athlete deserve some extra cash for bringing glory to the university. How about the girls on the Penn State Volleyball team. The Nittany Lions have won 4 straight national titles. Seems to me they have brought more glory to Penn State than the football team of late. Why shouldn't they get a $300 stipend. I'm sure they get hungry in the middle of the night and don't have cash to pay for a pizza!

Once again college football coaches have it all wrong...they want to use cash to solve their discipline problems. Do a better job policing your players and you won't have to worry about them trading Big 10 Conference rings for a tat!

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