Tuesday, April 5, 2011

NCAA Fraud

Congrats to U-Conn and Coach Jim Calhoun on your 3rd National Title since 1999. You didn't deserve to be on the bench last night in Houston.

In the middle of the season the NCAA suspended the Hall of Famer for recruiting violations in the Huskies program. The only problem is the suspension doesn't start until next season. Instead of sitting out 3 games during the Huskies run to the national title this year Calhoun will be sidelined at the start of the 2011-12 season against 3 meaningless opponents. This treatment of Calhoun is the same treatment that Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel got from administrators in Columbus for his lying about knowledge of rules violations by top players. Tressel should have been suspended immediately and miss the team's bowl game. The actions of the NCAA and Ohio State are shameful. What lesson are we sending to other coaches or athletes. If you run a top program you won't have to sit out if the penalty might effect attendance and revenues.

Shame on the NCAA.

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