Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tim Tebow

I think I now know why the Broncos traded up in the first round of the NFL draft last month to pick Tim Tebow. It had nothing to do with football. Most of the "experts" think the Broncs were nuts to trade into the pick for a player that was probably going to be available in the 2nd round or maybe even later. Here is the reason I think Denver wanted the former Heisman Trophy winner--Jersey sales.

The league announced yesterday the sale of Bronco #15 Jersey's were the highest of any player in the last month. Pretty amazing. Tebow is at best 3rd on the Bronco's QB depth chart but he is #1 in the fans pocketbooks. Tebow probably won't even be active for any games this coming season but tons of fans at Invesco Field will be wearing #15. Amazing but profitable for the league and Denver. Good move guys.

By the way the #2 Jersey is sales is the new #5 Redskins Jersey worn by former Eagles QB Donovan McNabb. They are flying off the shelves in DC. I think D-Mac will be playing a lot more games this fall then Timmy T.