Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Lots of bracket busters during this year's NCAA Men's tournament but was this year so unusual? Yes their were some upsets with Kansas losing in the 2nd round to Northern Iowa but overall the elite are still in the Final 4.

Lets look at the 4 teams. Duke is the only top seed to survive. The Blue Devils have been in the Final 4 15 times since 1986. They are this year's blue bloods. #2 seed West Virginia was the Big East Champ and ranked in the top 10 for a good part of the season. 5th seed Michigan State struggled at times this season but is in its 6th Final 4 in the past dozen years. The real underdog this year is Butler. Hardly an underdog. The Bulldogs have won 24 straight games and have been ranked in the Top 15 for most of the season. Hardly any Cinderella's in this Final 4.

FYI I'm leading my pool with 3-4 teams picked for the Final 4. My problem is I had Kansas as the 4th team and had the Jayhawks winning.