Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger

I guess it is too much to ask our supposed role models to be perfect. For most of his time on the world stage Tiger Woods has appeared to be above the fray and free of scandal. All that came to an end just before Thanksgiving when a New York Socialite was linked romantically to the golfer. Less than 48 hours later Woods crashed his Caddy into a fire hydrant and a tree while apparently trying to make an early morning getaway from his Orlando home. Tiger went into tortoise mode and refused to meet with police after the crash. Then yesterday an L.A. cocktail waitress alleged she had a nearly 2 and a half year affair with Woods dating back to 2007. I guess it is time to pile on. I suspect we might hear from more women looking for their 15 minutes.

Should we be surprised by all this. Frankly no. Look at Tiger's 2 best friends--Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. No one would mistake these 2 NBA Hall of Famers with choir boys. Check out this article in Esquire Magazine from 12 years ago and you could see this coming.

How much will this hurt Tiger? My guess is not too much. We are a very forgiving society. David Letterman's affairs with staffers could be seen as sexual harassment instead his ratings have gone up. Woods will continue to be one of the biggest pitchmen because of his results on the golf course. He is a dynamic force and sponsors love that.

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