Tuesday, November 24, 2009


We certainly have all seen the recent videos of abusive Kansas football coach Mark Mangino. His behavior is unacceptable and I suspect the University will be looking for a new grid-iron leader. The good news is that one of York County's best has really distinguished himself. U-Conn football coach Randy Edsall--a Susquehannock star football player-- has been front and center for the Huskies as they deal with the death of player Jaspar Howard a month ago. He has shown that a coach can be a leader and an example to his young players. The Huskies had lost 4 straight going in to their match-up with Notre Dame Saturday in South Bend but Edsall's team played with incredible heart and pulled out an overtime win over the the Fighting Irish. I suspect if Edsall asked his team to walk back to Storr's his players would have lined up behind their coach for the 800 mile trek. I would think any school looking for a new head football coach--hint Notre Dame--should give Edsall a call...you could do worse.

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