Friday, July 31, 2009

More Juice

So Big Papi & Manny juiced. I guess I'm not surprised. The Red Sox DH & leftfielder tested positive in 2003 for steroids. Remember this was the time when they just tested but did nothing with the results. This is the 2nd big name to be leaked from the list. The previous big name player was A-Rod. Remember at the time of the testing no performance enhancing drugs were prohibited in baseball. So Big Papi & Manny weren't violating any rules...but most of us see the positive PED test as cheating.

It is time for the entire list to be released. I've seen that over 100 players tested positive at the time of the testing. That would be about 12% of all players at the Major League level. Releasing the list will help put the issue to rest instead of seeing theses names dribble out. Release them and baseball can get this headache out of the way.

It seems that the public has accepted that players used PED's in the late 1990's into 2007. The new testing program has snared a couple of big fish. The biggest fish, of course, was Ortiz' former Red Sox teammate. Manny was forced to sit for 50 games this season after testing positive for a drug that is used to mask steroid abuse earlier this year.

The Steroid era appears to have come to an end through league-wide testing and strong enforcement in the minor leagues. Down the line history will determine the impact that steroids have on baseball. For the short term baseball needs to release the entire list and take the publicity hit now!

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