Monday, December 1, 2008


Anyone wondering why the Steelers released talented wide receiver Plaixco Burress a few years ago now you know. He is one of those locker room cancers that eventually wears out his welcome. Looks like Plax is going to get the boot from the Giants. Let's see he gets a $35 Million dollar contract at the start of the season and promptly begins missing meetings--for which he was suspended for a game without pay--and now he accidental shoots himself in the leg on Friday night. You could see the steam flowing out of Tom Coughlin's ears when asked about Burress after Sunday's win over the Skins. I don't think Burress will see the field again for the Giants this season even if he is fully recovered from his pulled groin muscle and now his gunshot wound. I think the Giants will suspended Burress without pay and I wouldn't be surprised if he pulls down a suspension from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. The big question is do the Giants need Burress? My guess is no. With their stout defense...fantastic running game and stable QB Eli Manning I think the Giants can do very well without Plaxico.

If you told the brain trust of the Ravens--Ozzie Newsome & Owner Steve Bisciotti--at the beginning of the season that the club would be 8-4 in the playoff hunt with a Rookie Coach and Q-B and without 2 starters in the secondary after 3 quarters of the season they would have laughed at you. This was going to be the season where the team would take its lumps and maybe next year make a playoff run. Right now the Ravens are tied for the 3rd best record in the AFC. The defense is ranked 2nd in the league--the Steelers are #1--but more importantly 10th in scoring offense. The defense now doesn't have to be perfect for this club to win because the offense is effective at scoring. In addition to actually getting touchdowns the team is fun to watch when they are on "O". How about Mark Clayton throwing a touchdown and then making a circus catch on a 70 yard bomb from Flacco. Good stuff!

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