Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday Season

Its gift giving time and I'd like to hand out a few:

To: The Ravens...an unexpected trip to the playoffs with 1st year Coach John Harbaugh and Rookie QB Joe Flacco. One of the big surprises of the NFL Season. Myabe only the Falcons run with Rookie QB Matt Ryan and 1st year Coach Mike Smith is more impressive.

To: The Phillies-a quick return from hip surgery for Chase Utley. Repeating as WS champs might depend on it.

To: The Orioles-Big things from Rookie Catcher Matt Wieters. After trading away Ramon Hernandez the team put their future in the youngsters hands. Combine him with Nick Markakis, Brian Roberts, Adam Scott and they might have the makings of a team that can contend in the very tough A-L East.

To: Former Penn State back-up QB Pat Devlin--Good luck on trying to follow in the foot steps of Joe Flacco in tranfering to Delaware. Wonder if we will be seeing the strong armed Devlin going in the 1st round of the April 2011 draft.

To: Penn State Football Coach Joe Paterno--years of pain free walking the sidelines.

To: All of my newspaper sportswriter friends--jobs in 2009! The industry is struggling and their bosses haven't figured out a way to wring money out of online content. Keep writing the great stuff you do...even though newspapers aren't doing very well...the content in the rag and online are still top notch

To: Readers of this blog--A very happy holiday season.


Ravens clinch playoff spot with win over Jags (Sun 4:15 on WSBA)
Cowboys put Eagles out of their misery
Skins beat 9ers
Fins take the AFC East with win over Jets
Bolts win AFC West over collapsing Broncos

Last Week 1-2 Overall 51-32

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