Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Eagles Woes

I'm not sure this is going to happen but Andy Reid might be on the way out in Philly. The Eagles coach is in his 10th year at the helm and this might turn out to be his last. Sunday's embarrasing 13-13 tie with the lowly Bengals might have knocked the team out of the playoff for a 2nd straight season. The Eagles offense looked lost Sunday against Cincy. Q-B Donovan McNabb turned the ball over 4 times. Reid's postgame answers were the same he has given after every loss. We'll get back on the field and correct those mistakes...I'm to blame...yada...yada...yada. Eagles fans are getting restless and the teams failures of late might lead to a changing of the guard. I suspect if the Eagles fire Reid he might not be unemployed very long. This might be a case of change being good for everyone.

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